The PowerPoint files are available for a $7.00 USD donation made to Alcademy.com. Please send an email request to admin@alcademy.com. The files will be emailed to you in a zip folder. The donation includes all the PowerPoints Templates displayed on this page.You can then change the content and use the template to create new lessons.

Family PPT Image

This lesson supplement has students practice family relationships and describing people.


Scoreboard image

This lesson supplement can be used in several ways. 1) place 1-5 video clips into the monitors and direct questions to the students from a worksheet. 2) Place questions on the monitor and watch videos via Youtube or other medium. 3) Place a task on the monitor and award the points to the team that first completes the task.

(In this demo, the teacher asks students to respond to the video clip. First correct response gets the points. Ex 1: I'm fine, thank you. And you?)

*I am aware that a broken link is causing some scores not to display correctly. I am working on it and hope to have that corrected shortly.


Image of the Vocabulary Builder template

This lesson supplement provides both reading and listening objectives. To build vocabulary and/or show understanding of sentence structures, teachers can replace the images, text, and sound files to customize this PowerPoint.


Image of Baseball PowerPoint

This PowerPoint is another scoreboard. It is for two teams. Questions can have a difficulty of 1 to 4. When a question is answered or a task is completed, the player will advance around the bases. Points are given when a player reaches home plate.


Business email image

This is an interactive, non linear email builder with four scenarios. You will choose a scenario and then select the appropriate question and/or statement to be inserted into the email.


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