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Here you will find resources for teachers to use. If you like them and they help you, please consider making a donation.

Conversation Activities: This link takes you to a page that describes my worksheets. My worksheets are all conversation activities that make ideal additions to any lessons presenting similar target language.

These activities present to students various speaking skills. For example, The Optimist-Pessimist-Realist worksheets provides topics for discussion in which 3 students each approach the topic from one of the three view points. Each view point requires a certain skill. Students often find realist much more difficult than the optimist or pessimist view point.

Image of Optimist worksheet

Powerpoints: This link takes you to a page that describes several powerpoints. My powerpoints are all non-linear, interactive activities that make ideal additions to any lessons presenting similar target language.

1. Video quiz scoreboard

2. Family and describing people

3. United States of America

4. Vocabulary building and comparisons

5. Baseball style point keeping for games

6. Writing a business email

Scoreboard image

New Frontiers Club: This is an English speaking club. We play a game, Eve Online, and discuss our business strategies. Other off-topic conversation is allowed in a lounge area. Game elements include mining for resources, manufacturing, invention, trade, research, exploration, market analysis and much more. The game may also include epic space battles for those who have an interest in joining a larger corporation in their never ending battles for the conquest of resources.

Eve space station image

USA in English: In this course you will study English with a focus on usage and contextin America. Much of foreign language is based on a countries culture. It is one thing tospeak with correct grammar, but to be truly proficient, students of English who intend touse English in America should also understand cultural references, how and when to usevocabulary and phrases, and how to interpret and apply vocabulary and phrases in context.



States Powerpoint image

Grammar Plan 3: Grammar Plan 3 is based on a book of the same title by Brian Giles and Joe Ruger. This book covers Advanced Phrases, Passive Voice, 'Get' Phrases. This book is primarily a book of worksheets designed as a suppliment to classroom lesson. These activities can be done by any students who has a basic understanding of the target language and wishes to pratice and apply their knowledge.

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