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    These activities are designed to help students exercise different language skills.  To tell a story, pass a job interview or make a big sale, all require different speaking skills.  Although these pages don't teach the particular skills, they are good activities to enhance a teachers curriculum.

    These activities are free for you to use. Please respect my work and give me credit if you share them. You can best do that by refering people to my website. Or make a donation if you really like them.

    Feel free to post your comments in the forum and share ideas on how to use or improve these activities.

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    This activity has learners discuss topics in the past, the present and the future. Although some topics are provided, students and teachers may consider topics that are of more interest to the learners.

    I prefer to break the learners into groups of 3 and have each take a different viewpoint. If time permitting, they can then switch roles and use each topic 3 times.

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    This activity provides students a scenario to present topics of which they are an expert.
    The term is used loosely as students can share information on any topic of which they feel adequately knowledgeable.

    I like have students set up a show and tell style display at their desk. For example, a students may share an audio CD by their favorite artist.

    The display might include a CD player with headphones, pictures of the band or artist(s), lyrics sheets, concert dates, biographies of the group members, and more.

    Students can then visit each others displays and ask question after a short presentation.

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    This activity has students discuss all aspects of fundraising. They will choose a cause to raise money for, and then plan out a fundraising event.

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    This activity has students interview each other for a position as their personal assistant.

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    This activity has learners discuss the creation and design of a new magazine.

    Students may also create a mock-up magazine to enhance the experience.

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    This activity has students read and discuss current affairs as reported in the current newspaper.

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    This activity presents students with a delima which will force them to make difficult decisions.

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    This activity is for a group of 3. Topices will be discussed with each group member taking a view point; optimist, pessimist, realist.

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    In this activity learners will begin with a very large amount of money and discuss good causes and speculate how the money is to be used for each cause.  For example, they may decide to build a homeless shelter, and discuss what costs are involved.

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    This activity places learners in conversations that could end in dispute and thus allow learners a chance to practice a neutral standpoint.

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    This activity has learners prepare a sales presentation. This can be a simple flyer or a full on presentation.

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    This activity is a good starter activity to allow the learners to get to know one another. Here the learners have 5 or 6 minutes to talk to a partner then switch partners.  Afterwards, students can share with whom they have things in common.

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    In this activity learners can practice their story telling skills, pulling on their creative/descriptive style and voice.

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    This is a fun activity to practice improvisation.  One learner can be a host while 2 learners are guests in a talk show. The host will introduce the guest and their occupation to be made up on the spot. The guests must discuss their assigned occupations.

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    This activity has students work in their groups to design and create a travel brochure.

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    This last class is scheduled for a class party.  The students can also reflect on which activities they  liked and/or disliked.

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