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    New Frontiers Club Description

    New Frontiers is a group conversation club that focuses on business and trade. We play a game called EVE Online and we work together to help our corporation grow.  When you join the club, and also the game, you will become a member of the Dark Matter Industrial Corporation. We will work together as a team to perform mining operations, manufacturing of ships and various marketable goods, establish trade routes buying and selling merchandise across a galaxy of over 5400 star systems, and occasionally we will engage in combat with those who try to infringe upon our domain.

    All awhile, we will converse in English and provide all members an opportunity to join in the fun.  If you are at a lower level of English, the instructors will provide assistance to get you started and guide you in the conversation process.

    The club is free to join so there is no risk. Simply complete your registration.

    Sound interesting? Follow the instructions below to get started.

    Step 1. To join our New Frontiers English club, you must first accept our buddy invitation for a free 21-day trial account of the game. You can do that here: Eve Online Buddy Invite

    You must join through this invitation to be eligible for an in-game money bonus. (You can only get a 14 day free trial from the game web site, so this is a special offer).

    *Follow the instructions in the email. They will help you to download and install the game. If you have trouble, join our chat and we will assisst you.

    Step 2. You should download and install Teamspeak 3 at: Teamspeak 3 Download. Once you have installed Teamspeak, use these settings to connect. Server Name:

    If you have trouble connecting to voice chat (Teamspeak), you can contact me by email at:

    -or- contact me in-game: Jen Lalket

    Step 3. It is recommended that you make your payment to the CCP company as soon as possible as the trial account has many limitations.   If you do decide to become a member and pay for the game, be sure to follow the payment method in the email.

    Step 4. Once you have successfully joined the game, you can join my in-game corporation, Dark Matter Industrial Corporation. *Warning: There are several Dark Matter Industrial companies. Be sure to check the CEO name "Jen Lalket" to verify that you are joining the correct corporation.

    Step 5. Join us on Teamspeak for good conversation and fun game play.

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    Dark Matter Industrial Corp.

    This Section will take you out of the Alcademy website and move you to the Dark Matter Industrial Corporation website, our game site for Eve Online.

    Dark Matter Industrial Corp.

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