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Welcome to our Academy
by Site Admin - Saturday, 4 March 2017, 04:21 AM

Thank you for visitng. We are currently updating the site. Some old outdated material will be removed and new material added.  Feel free to browse.  This may be an extended process as we have new material still under development and very little time to devote to this project.  Please check back for updates. Thank you.


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Available courses

  • Grammar Plan 3 is based on a book of the same title by Brian Giles and Joe Ruger.  This book covers Advanced Tenses, Passive Voice, 'Get' Phrases.

    Self enrolment
  • This course presents a selection of conversation activites designed for a free talk environment. These are student-centered activities so the instructor should act as facilitator and not a teacher. These topics require an intermediate level or at least the ability to express own thoughts.

    Self enrolmentGuest access
  • Tired of the same old conversation topics and class structures? Ready for something new? Something Bold?  Join our New Frontiers conversation club.  New Frontiers is a group conversation club that focuses on business English.

    In this club, we play an online game and we engage in trade, industry, manufacturing, space exploration, and a long list of other fun, exciting activities in a  new and interactive way to practice English conversation.

    Self enrolmentGuest access
  • In this course you will study English with a focus on usage and context in America.  Much of foreign language is based on a countries culture.  It is one thing to speak with correct grammar, but to be truly proficient, students of English who intend to use English in America should also understand cultural references, how and when to use vocabulary and phrases, and how to interpret and apply vocabulary and phrases in context.

    Self enrolmentGuest access

Welcome to Alcademy

Thanks for stopping in.  The site is still under construction but feel free to try anything posted. Our Eve English is new this year and all are welcome to join.

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